What Can You Do with an Online Social Work Degree?

Entering the field of social work is one of the best ways to enjoy a lucrative and personally rewarding career.  However, before you can land a job here, you’ll need to get the required education.  Therefore, the first thing that you need to do is analyze your options for a degree.  There are two primary choices.  You can earn an online social work degree, or you can attend a physical, brick-and-mortar school.  Online schools have become enormously popular, but what types of degrees can you earn here?

Degree Options with Online Social Work Schools

If you are just now exploring your options for online education, you might be surprised at the different options for an online social work degree.  Of course, not all distance learning providers are created equal, so you will need to do some research to identify the best choice for your needs.

Most online schools will give you the ability to earn a bachelor’s degree in social work.  This is the minimum requirement for most positions, though there are a handful that will accept a certificate of completion, rather than a degree.  However, it’s a better option to get your bachelor’s anyway.  This will require less work if you decide that you want to improve your career options.

Many online schools will give you the opportunity to earn a master’s degree in social work.  This is a good option for entering mid-grade jobs in the industry.  A master’s degree can help you obtain a job in counseling, in child welfare, in school counseling and within many other areas of social work.

A handful of online providers will allow you to earn a Ph.D.  However, you should be aware that most of these online social work degrees will actually require that you work hand in hand with a physical school, as well.  Not many distance learning providers offer this capability, but it can be an excellent option, particularly if you want to move into higher job options in the world of social work.

Regardless of the degree path you choose, make sure that you thoroughly vet the school to ensure that they are accredited.

Additional Resources

You can learn more about an online social work degree at WorldWideLearn.com.

Learning about social work jobs and jobs in psychology can be helpful in planning your sw career.

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