Physical Therapy Salary

It’s always a good idea to know the earning potential and predicted growth of a particular career before you enter it.  While you might enjoy a particular type of work, if you are unable to earn a good living doing it, there is little point in pursuing the field as a course of study.  Thankfully, the physical therapy salary for assistants and therapists is actually quite good, and the growth forecast for the industry is high.

Education Requirements for Physical Therapy Assistants

Physical therapist assistants are required to have an associate’s degree in most areas.  This usually requires a minimum of one year to earn.  After this, you will have to pass an examination in order to be licensed.  All states require that physical therapist assistants be licensed in order to operate within the state.

The case is different for physical therapists.  These professionals need to have at least a master’s degree to enter the industry.  A doctorate is also a good idea, and requires only a single year more of study than the master’s degree.  Of course, PTs need to be licensed to operate within a state, as well.

Physical Therapy Assistants Salary Ranges

As a physical therapist assistant, you can expect to earn a decent annual salary.  For instance, if you are able to enter home health services, you will be able to earn about $59,500 per year.  On the lower end, if you work within a physician’s office, you’ll earn about $46,500 per year.

The annual salary for physical therapists is considerably higher than that for assistants.  The higher end of the scale (once again in the home health industry), tops out at more than $86,600 per year.  In a private practice setting, in which you work within the office of another professional, that salary is lower, but still quite good.

Growth Expectations for the Industry

Interestingly, the physical therapy salary range for both assistants and therapists is expected to grow with the industry.  By 2018, both of these professions are expected to see enormous growth, as more and more people require physical therapy to deal with bodily problems.  This means that a career in this industry can be quite rewarding and very stable.

Additional Resources

You can learn more about physical therapy salary ranges at the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

For a comparison to other careers, you can see CNA salaries, dental hygienist salaries, and dental assistant salaries.

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