What Should You Know About Psychology Careers?

Earning a degree in psychology opens up quite a few options for you in terms of careers. However, before you decide that this is the right course of action for your needs, you should know a bit more about the various psychology careers available for you. What might you find? Where can you find a rewarding job?

Bachelor Degree Psychology Careers

Many people choose to get a bachelor’s degree in psychology. This allows you to go on to quite a few different careers. With a basic degree like this, you might choose to become a case manager, a career counselor, a psychiatric technician or a rehabilitation specialist.

You might also choose to have this degree to help better your chances when entering another field, such as law or the world of business. Even social workers can improve their career options with a psychology degree.

Graduate Degree Career Options in Psychology

If you choose to continue your study and earn a graduate degree in psychology, you’ll find a wide range of other job options open to you. These include working as a social worker, in mental health jobs, or with welfare agencies. You might find your ideal career as a counselor, helping people in the public overcome their issues.

Other psychology careers open to those with an advanced degree include clinicians, which puts you in the role of diagnosing and treating mental illnesses. A master’s degree is the lowest form of degree that is acceptable here, though a Ph.D. is usually preferred.

Statistical consulting is a growing field open to psychologists with extensive research experience.

You can also find a rewarding career in numerous government branches and with businesses. Often, research positions require that you have a Ph.D. in psychology, though master’s degrees are also accepted here. Colleges and universities also have a need for those with an advanced degree in psychology.

The First Steps toward a Psychology Degree

The first step toward earning a degree in psychology, obviously, is to choose the right school for your needs. While many colleges and universities offer classes in this art, you need to ensure that you take the time required to find one that matches your desires in a career.

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