Career Options with a Psychology Degree

Numerous courses of study can offer you access to a rewarding career after finishing school.  However, one of the best possible options just might be to attain a psychology degree.  What sort of jobs might you find with such a degree?  How long might you have to study to obtain this degree?

Having a degree in psychology opens the doors to numerous different fields, all of which give you the ability to help others and enjoy a lucrative, rewarding career.  Here are some of the options open to you with this type of degree.

Career Counselor

One of the most popular options for those with a psychology degree is to become a career counselor.  You might choose to work as a school counselor, helping students deal with crises and more.  You might choose to go into private practice, or hire on with a healthcare provider.

As a career counselor, you might specialize in some type of trauma, or even in certain types of patients.  For instance, many counselors specialize in helping children overc ome hurdles in their lives, while others specialize in helping adults cope with their problems.

Rehabilitation Specialist

As the number of people enrolled in various types of rehabilitation courses increases, the need for rehabilitation specialists grows.  If you have a bachelor psychology degree, you can provide these people with guidance and assistance during these difficult times in their lives.  You might work with substance abuse patients, with those physically injured or with any number of other patients.

Opportunities for Advancement with a Psychology Degree

If you earn a bachelor’s psychology degree, you will find that you have several career options open to you, such as those listed above.  However, many people choose to continue their study.  If you do so, then you will find that there are numerous other careers that open up.

However, an undergraduate degree can also be of immense use in many other fields.  Quite a few businesses prefer to hire managers and other executives who have a degree in psychology.  Other fields that commonly welcome those with a psychology degree include law, caseworkers in social work and even probation officers.

Additional Resources

You can find out more about mental health jobs and psychology careers through the Therapy tab on this site.

There is also a long list of psychology schools and online social work degree programs available in the search tool at the top of this page.

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