Dental assistant jobs

Dental assistant jobs can be quite rewarding and give you access to a career in high-demand.

Those who take dental assistant jobs find that they are placed in a high-energy atmosphere and work closely with their supervising dentist. It should be noted that dental assistants are not the same thing as dental hygienist positions. Dental assistants provide help to a dentist, while hygienists are licensed to perform many tasks without supervision.

Dental assistant jobs

What types of duties do dental assistants perform? What can you expect in this field? You will find yourself sterilizing instruments and tools for the dentist, to ensure that any contamination is eradicated. You will also find yourself dealing with dental records, prepping patients for the procedure and more. You will work beside the dentist during most procedures, handing the dentist tools and equipment when necessary.

You will also help to make molds of patients’ teeth from impressions taken by the dentist or the hygienist, as well as perform basic office duties, such as answering the phones, scheduling appointments and maintaining patient records.

Requirements for dental assistants

If you are interested in applying for dental assistant jobs, you should make sure you have the education needed. This actually starts in high school. During your high school career, you’ll need to take chemistry, as well as several years of mathematics, biology and even health and office training classes. If you are currently out of high school, but have your diploma or GED, then you can receive your training from a number of dental assistant programs around the nation. At last count, there were almost 300 courses approved by the government.

You’ll find that dental assistant school requires only one year of study, usually. However, some programs are shorter than this – you’ll need to make sure the program is accredited, though, as some are not and these will not be accepted. You might even find that you can attain the dental assistant training you need on the job, as many dental assistants are educated through on-the-job training. Check with local dental offices to determine if this is an option for you.

Additional resources

You’ll find excellent information about dental assistant jobs with the Bureau of Labor Statistics. can help you learn more about dental assistant jobs and career options.
The ADA can help you learn more about dental assisting, as well.

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