Dental hygienist jobs

Dental hygienist jobs vary from region to region and even vary with the environment in which these professionals work. In fact, there is a very wide range of dental hygienist employment options out there.

Dental hygienist work can be quite varied, depending on the level of education for the hygienist, where the hygienist is employed and more. However, according to governmental studies, the current number of dental hygienist jobs actually exceeds the number of trained professionals to fill them, which makes this an excellent, high-demand career. And it makes a dental hygienist salary one with tremendous earnings potential. In addition, the federal government ranks the growth rate of dental hygienist jobs among the highest in the nation.

Attaining dental hygienist jobs

In order to find dental hygienist employment, you’ll need to ensure that you have the required education. This means, at the minimum, an associate’s degree from an accredited dental school. However, if you intend to go into teaching or research, you’ll need a bachelor’s or master’s degree from a recognized school.

When considering how to become a dental hygienist, there are factors beyond degree requirements. You will have to pass the state examination and pay for a license. Most state exams are in two parts, with both a written and a clinical portion that must be passed.

Dental hygienist jobs

What might you do as a dental hygienist? What services might you find yourself providing to patients? You’ll find that dental hygienists perform a wide range of duties, including removing deposits from patients’ teeth, plaque removal and more. Many hygienists make molds of patients’ teeth for braces, or to fit dentures. Others administer some anesthetics and some states let hygienists fill cavities, take X-rays and more.

Obviously, the possible range of job duties is considerable. You will also find job options in more advanced fields, such as dental research, which might find you working with advanced orthodontic appliances or studying emerging dental surgical techniques. Most dental hygienist jobs are found in dental offices. However, you will also find some jobs available in physician offices, or even in some schools (though these are very few and quite specialized).

Additional resources

The Bureau of Labor Statistics provides a tremendous amount of information about dental hygienist jobs and requirements. can help you learn more about dental hygienist jobs.
Remington College offers in-depth information about dental hygienist jobs and other aspects.

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