Careers with a Masters in Psychology

If you are contemplating earning a master’s in psychology, then you will doubtless want to know a bit more about the various careers that you might be able to find. Actually, you’ll be able to enter a number of disparate fields with this single degree. However, you will need to make sure that you get the right education first.

Possible Careers with a Master’s Degree in Psychology

Earning a master’s degree in psychology will give you access to a considerable number of potential career options. Unlike undergraduate degrees, a master’s opens up some higher-level job opportunities. However, for some positions, you will need to have a Ph.D. in psychology to qualify.

Here are some of the options you will have with a master’s in psychology:

Sports Psychology

This field allows you to work with athletes in a variety of fields. One of the goals here is to provide assistance to athletes in order to improve their performance. You might consult for a sports team, or you might work in a research capacity within an academic setting.

Forensic Psychology

This is another excellent field that holding a master’s in psychology will open up for you. Forensic psychology can apply to a number of different disciplines. For instance, you might work in a clinic, or you might work with a trial lawyer. You might also find yourself working with law enforcement professionals, or called upon as an expert witness in a trial setting.

Clinical Psychology

Clinical psychology finds you working with those who have a mental illness of some type. You will work with them to assess their situation, diagnose their condition and provide treatment for them. You might work with people suffering from depression, with those battling addiction or even with those accused of violent crimes. The job options in mental health are diverse and demand is high. In addition, this field allows for numerous specializations – you might choose to treat children, adults, the elderly or the criminally ill, for instance.

Counseling Psychology

Counseling psychology involves many of the same things as clinical psychology. A master’s in psychology allows you to work as a counselor in an educational setting, or within an academic setting. Community health centers and other options are also available.

Statistical Analyst

Because of the statistics-intense nature of psychology research, psychologists are among the most capable applied statisticians. Among the most well respected statistical consulting companies is EliteResearch. They annually take a clutch of well-qualified graduate students as interns. Research design and statistical analysis are core functions of psychologists who enter the field of the bio-sciences.



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