Medical Assistant jobs

Medical Assistant jobs are some of the fastest growing occupational choices in the United States. And while the medical field is home to a wide diversity of job types, from nurses to doctors and everything in between, Medical Assistants are some of the most highly sought after professionals in the field. And if you choose to enter this area of medicine, you can enjoy a tremendous career with high pay potential and much more.

What are Medical Assistant jobs?

Medical Assistants are not limited to a single job description. Rather, these professionals assist with a wide range of different tasks and duties. You might find yourself working with a podiatrist or a psychiatrist, a chiropractor or with a family doctor. You’ll find that you will be able to provide patient care, at least under the supervision of a practicing medical professional, as well.

The exact duties required of you will vary among medical specialties and even from medical office to medical office. You’ll find yourself updating and filing patient information, engaging in clerical and administrative duties, preparing patients for examination and even in assisting with the administration of some tests and other procedures.

What training is required for Medical Assistant jobs?

If you’re intent on becoming a Medical Assistant, you’ll need to know what type of education you will need. You’ll find that your Medical Assistant training actually begins in high school, though some post-secondary education will be required. Typically, this type of education can be found at a junior college or a technical school.  On graduation, you’ll receive either a diploma (for one year of study) or an associate’s degree (for two years of study).

Of course, not all medical offices will require that you have Medical Assistant certification, and some smaller practices accept Medical Assistants as long as they have a high school diploma. As such, this is an excellent way to gain some hands-on practice before venturing off to medical school. And it can boost your chances of success in your future career.

The current outlook for Medical Assistants is tremendous, with the federal government projecting 500,000 positions by 2016. In addition, Medical Assistant salaries tend to be moderately high, coming in around $27,000 per year for qualified assistants.

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