Physician Assistant schools

Physician Assistant schools and courses provide vital training and education that will help ensure you are a success in this fast-growing field.

Attending the right choice of Physician Assistant schools will help determine just how rewarding your medical career actually is. How do you make certain that you are able to find the right school? What courses should be offered to put you on the right path to gaining the education required and a Physician Assistant degree? What options do you have in such schools?

Determining the right school for your particular needs is essential and may result in a better chance of having one of the high-paying, rewarding Physician Assistant jobs available in this industry.

Physician Assistant schools vary in type

You will find that Physician Assistant education options come in several types. First, you have traditional, campus-based programs. Second, you have online distance education. However, as a note, if you choose to use a distance education provider, you’ll still need to spend a solid year in a clinical setting, so be prepared for this.

Both options offer benefits, though many people find that using a campus-based, traditional school is the best choice. You will find numerous medical schools offering Physician Assistant courses and classes, though you will need to ensure that they are accredited with the governing agency, the ARC-PA (Accreditation Review Commission on Education for the Physician Assistant).

You should also make sure that the school offers the right courses during your first year of study. These include anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, biochemistry, pathology and more. Your second year will be made up of clinical work, offering hands-on experience in a myriad of different medical disciplines.

What degree are available from Physician Assistant schools?

Most schools that offer these courses provided them in a two-year format. However, all are of graduate level, so you’ll find master’s degrees and bachelor’s degrees offered. Once, associate degrees were offered, but these have been discontinued by most providers.

In order to gain your degree, you’ll need to meet the prerequisites of the school in question. Most of these schools require that you have at least two years of education from a college or technical school to gain entrance. You may also have to have some clinical experience, as well.

Other resources

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Visit the Bureau of Labor Statistics to find out more about requirements for Physician Assistant schools.

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