Dental assistant schools

Understanding Dental Assistant School

{loadposition hidden-adsense-block}Attending dental assistant school is the key to securing your future in this rewarding field.

A career as a dental assistant offers you the opportunity to help those in your community improve their oral health and much more. However, before you can embark on this path, you’ll need to attend a dental assistant school. Where do you find such schools? How do you determine which schools are worth your time and which should be avoided? With the right information, choosing a great school is much easier than you might think.

What Will You Learn in Dental Assistant School?

Once you’ve enrolled in a quality dental assistant school, you can learn how to be a valuable part of a dental team, working hand in hand with dentists and other dental hygienists. You can learn how to take patient x-rays, how to take blood pressure and pulse rate readings. Other skills you will learn include infection control, instrument sterilization, teaching proper oral care techniques, how to communicate with patients and how to take impressions for study casts.

What Other Careers are Available after Dental Assistant School?

While a majority of dental assistants plan to work in a dental practice, there are several other options available to you in this career. You’ll find that you can work in a dental product company (these develop products for dentists and consumers), or you might work in pediatrics, orthodontics or even oral surgery situations.

How Do You Define a Good Dental Assistant School?

The key to finding a good dental assistant school is to look for accreditation. Programs are available at traditional schools as well as online. However, if you choose a school that is not accredited, you might find that you have wasted your time and money. Any dental office will require that their dental assistants have certification and training from an accepted and accredited school, in order to ensure the proper level of training and competency.

Other Resources for Learning More about Dental Assistant School

Allied Health dental assistant school information

Dental assistant school and career information from the ADA

Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) information about dental assistant schools

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