Medical Assistant salary

{loadposition hidden-adsense-block}A Medical Assistant salary can vary considerably, based on education, area of employment and several other criteria.

If you are interested in starting a rewarding career as a Medical Assistant, you likely have numerous questions. One of the most common questions concerns a Medical Assistant salary. It’s quite understandable to wonder just how much you might earn as a Medical Assistant. However, this simple question does not actually have a simple answer. You’ll find that just like every other career in the field of medicine, your earnings potential depends on numerous factors.

How to earn the top Medical Assistant salary

There are two factors that go into earning the top Medical Assistant salary possible – experience and education. You’ll find that the more educated and experienced you are, the more you will earn. Of course, you cannot gain experience without working in a Medical Assistant job, so expect to start lower on the pay scale and move up as you gain more experience.

However, you can do something about your education. You should begin preparing long before you enter the job force for a career as a Medical Assistant. You’ll find that your high school offers several classes that can benefit you, including anatomy, biology, chemistry and health. Some schools actually offer preparatory classes for those entering the medical field.

You should also know what your secondary education options are. For most, choosing a Medical Assistant school like a technical school or junior college is the best option. These give you the choice of earning a diploma with one year of study, or an associate’s degree after two years of study. Obviously, an associate’s degree will help you earn more, as it ensures you’re more qualified for the job.

Other factors that affect Medical Assistant salaries

There are other factors that play an important role in determining a Medical Assisting salary. These include your geographic area and the venue in which you’re employed. According to governmental studies, Medical Assistants working in a hospital setting earn the most, coming in around $27,000 annually. Optometrist Assistants earned the least, at $22,000 per year.

Other resources

You can learn more about the factors influencing Medical Assistant salaries at the Bureau of Labor Statistics. can help you learn more about your potential Medical Assistant salary.
Allied Health Schools provides details concerning Medical Assistant salary ranges.

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